Welcome to HAZKOBA,
where engineering meets alchemy

I am Nadia Riley, the driving force behind HAZKOBA. In addition to being an architect, conservationist, and animal activist, I'm also an alchemist at heart. My ZOO design projects blend structural elements with the essence of nature. I operate on diverse planes of perception, seeking solutions and ideas that go beyond the ordinary.

HAZKOBA embodies the principles of inspiration, innovation, and transformation based on respect to the planet and its inhabitants.

If your vision exceeds traditional design and engineering, I offer a unique approach to work. Follow my storyline and let's discover what we can create together for the benefit of animals and nature.

Together we can craft a future where humanity and nature coexist harmoniously. Explore my work to witness this vision.

My mission is to create harmony between humanity and the environment.

Designing a Difference

a Difference

As a ZOO designer, I work on projects worldwide, blending architecture with conservation efforts. Feel free to dive into my work experience and immerse yourself in the journey.

architecture & design

wildlife conservation

urban activism

Trace my professional journey by following the pins on the map and discover the essence of my work.


Client Love

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I recommend and support Nadia's architectural practice. As an architect, she is fully engaged in Zoo Design.

Her research skills and ambition to develop zoo architecture are impressive and will be of great value for the zoological world. She is focused on working to improve the welfare of animals in zoos, the quality of staff working environments and the experience of visitors.


Anna Tadra


Nadia has been very cooperative and accommodative of several requests of ours with respect to design, development, and the quality of her work has been very satisfactory. 

ExecutivE Director

Ajit Kulkaranji


Nadia presented professional work and was easy to work with.

WorldWide Zoo Consultants LLC

Tommy Wilken

She dedicated her time and skills to delivering a very functional and pleasant design, both for animals and guests.


Chimelong Safari Park Vice-President

Dong Guixin

Nadia's project fulfilled all the necessary aspects of animal welfare and necessary flexibility to house a group of gorillas.

The quality of work and design has been very satisfactory and the concept design was accepted by the gorilla EEP with no changes or amends. 



Mariusz Lech

Nadia's concept designs were of a high standard and were exactly what we required to proceed with our projects. 

In our experience, we have found Ms Riley to be well connected in the zoo world, efficient and prompt in the production of her promised work, and as such I would have no hesitation in recommending her company Hazkoba to any prospective clients who wish to engage her.