Lion & Tiger Habitat

Warsaw, Poland

My Contribution

concept design

Outdoor Exhibit

tigers: 4.500m2
lions: 2.400m2

Building Facility

tigers: 350m2
lions: 1.140m2

One section was dedicated to the Asian lion habitat, featuring both a building facility and and two off-show outdoor areas that offered maximum flexibility for separating individuals from the group if necessary. The building also housed a staff unit equipped with modern facilities for daily routines.
The project was carried out in cooperation with the architectural studio "Bud Cud."

Notable features of the habitat included:

  • varied topography to promote physical activity, 
  • multiple platforms, and wooden constructions offering excellent views for the animals. 
  • Discreetly positioned caves provided privacy and options for the animals to choose from.
  • Feeding enrichments were strategically placed to stimulate the animals' instinct for catching prey.

Tiger Exhibit

The second part of the complex was crafted as two distinct habitats, with the option to merge into one expansive area. The holding house comprised functional dens and an indoor space with a guest viewing window.

Key features of the habitat encompassed:

  • A swimming pool intended for the tigers, promoting their natural behaviors and offering an excellent vantage point for visitors.
  • Scattered patches of dense vegetation enabling the animals to seek privacy.
  • Caves and observation points across multiple levels, fostering physical stimulation.
  • Feeding enrichments strategically placed to encourage the animals' instinct for hunting prey.

Lion Exhibit

The Warsaw Zoo's big cat complex was a pivotal component of the historical enclosure's transformation into modern, lush, and enriching animal habitats.