Gorilla Habitat

Wrocław, Poland

My Contribution

concept design, architectural project & supervision of construction

Outdoor Exhibit


Building Facility


Tenders are special opportunities that encourage creative thinking and the development of fresh solutions to enduring issues.

The project involved the integration of various animal species, including gorillas, bongos, sitatungas, and various species of monkeys coexisting harmoniously alongside the gorillas.

In addition, the project encompassed an aviary and a collection of freshwater fish indigenous to Africa.

The outdoor design and landscape were carefully planned to incorporate water features, allowing for easy separation or connection as per specific requirements while maintaining the isolation of the star animals, the gorillas, on their dedicated island.

  • Incorporation of a water feature that is safe for gorillas, providing flexibility to keep one animal isolated while allowing the others to move freely.
  • Implementation of different tools and toys for mental stimulation for all species.
  • The indoor spaces offered climbing opportunities for gorillas and safe routes for smaller monkeys to escape if needed.
  • Multiple interconnected bedrooms were provided, giving the animals choices and opportunities for change.
  • Easy and flexible connection and disconnection of animal spaces, with access from different levels for food scattering.
  • Modern integration of guest facilities, such as toilet units, exhibition rooms, and small architectural elements.
  • A multisensory experience for visitors, offering different viewing opportunities from various angles and heights.

This tender project turned out to be a perfect platform to sharpen my expertise in mixed exhibits.