Hazkoba Conservation is a young foundation ready to explore fresh ideas and values. In a world where many foundations are doing excellent conservation work, I feel that by replicating existing schemes may limit my potential. My vision for the foundation is to serve as a blank canvas—a carte blanche—where we cultivate innovative ideas, novel approaches, and progressive ethics.

This space is meant to be a sanctuary where every idea is welcomed and listened to. I firmly believe in the power of collective collaboration, where a fusion of diverse ideas can birth something unprecedented. It's the synergy of these unique contributions that has the potential to create groundbreaking initiatives previously unseen in our field.”

If you have an idea for a conservation project or work, please get in touch with me. Together, we will design, build, and share this initiative, infusing it with an innovative approach that will inspire others to join us.

Our planet holds profound wisdom, and it's up to us to listen attentively.

#MyHornMyLife Campaign

I've launched the 'My Horn My Life' rhino awareness campaign to capture public attention through powerful visual messages and educational content. Using compelling graphic design, my aim is to create eye-catching visuals that deeply resonate with viewers while avoiding repetitive approaches. In today's fast-paced world of visual communication, my goal is to embed images that leave a lasting impression in the viewer's subconscious.

This campaign has no defined duration; it remains open to evolution or can serve as a foundation for future initiatives. If you have ideas for expanding this concept or wish to contribute to this cause, please reach out to me. I believe that the most valuable currency isn't money, but energy. By collectively channeling our energy, we can overcome the challenges posed by poachers, syndicates, and governments that disregard regulations.

Helping rhinos survive