Rhino Hospital

South Africa

My Contribution

architectural project 

Building Facility


The collaborative process with the South African sanctuary was an invaluable experience, shaping a veterinary facility attuned to the needs of both staff and rhinos.

Being on-site allowed me to learn and observe the operations of a rhino sanctuary firsthand. Through direct interaction, staff observations, and discussions regarding their requirements, I tailored the facility to their needs.

The building consists of two sections: one dedicated to administrative functions such as offices, management, reception, meeting rooms, labs, and a pharmacy. The second part is dedicated to the animals and includes spaces like the operation room, recovery room, and separate dens for animal recuperation.

This project made a big impact and inspired me to keep working for wildlife conservation in my future projects.

  • Welcoming representative entrance and visitor area for meetings, conferences, and lectures.
  • Practical staff building meeting local standards and offering essential amenities.
  • Distinct separation between the hospital and staff zones to prevent contamination and unnecessary traffic.
  • Veterinary block designed for maximum flexibility in managing animals.
  • Separate chamber for smaller wildlife requiring care and attention.
  • First-floor area allocated for storage and student use.
  • Observation gangplank overlooking the animal enclosure.
  • Outdoor gangplank and viewing window into the operation theatre.

This wildlife conservation project was a dream come true, allowing me to merge passion with purpose.