Graphic Design


Visual Identification

Recognizing the importance of a strong visual identification, the Warsaw Zoo embarked on a journey to revamp its image.

Everything, from animal logos to educational boards, zoo guides, leaflets, and business cards, underwent a captivating transformation, casting the zoo in a new and contemporary light.

Employing geometric shapes and forms, each element received a unique touch in its design details.
Enriched with lush vegetation, these visual elements drew observers into the enchanting world of the animals, creating an immersive and magical experience.

This revitalized visual identity profoundly enhanced the overall visitor experience. From ease of maneuvering to engaging learning opportunities, a well-crafted visual identity proved to be a powerful tool.

Animal Logos

Designing company logos is always an enjoyable task. 

They must be simple yet rich in meaning, effectively transmitting the intended message to the receiver.

When working on animal logos, my approach involves identifying their unique features and simplifying them in a catchy manner.

Rich in colors and forms, these logos encapsulate a miniature universe within their lines. Crafted with the highest intention of prosperity for the client, they serve well up to now.

A well-thought-through design is crucial, as it not only represents but also communicates the essence of the brand, leaving a lasting impression.


Being a designer means being an artist, enabling one to pursue even the wildest dreams.

I've always had a passion for playing with colors and textures. Blending and arranging them harmoniously brings immense pleasure and fulfillment to my creative journey.

It's about creating something beautiful. The best part is turning those ideas and visions into something real and tangible.

Here are some of the images I created along my designer journey.